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Viewpoint Theatre is currently fundraising for Blood & Water, a love story

Blood & Water was workshopped in NYC in 2017. Francesca Hansen-DiBello, the producing playwright, has spent the past several years working on the script, based on what worked and what didn’t during the initial workshop production. 

Blood & Water is the beginning of a conversation about grief. It was written in a time of intense grief, when it was all Francesca wanted to talk about. She felt the way people around her tried to take her mind off the grief by not addressing it, and recognized the times that she had employed similar tactics when her friends were grieving.  She wanted to write something that was about the pain she was experiencing, but that did so in a way that felt approachable, lighthearted, and even magical. 

Grief is something we all experience. It’s an emotion that unites us, and one we try to avoid. With Blood & Water, Francesca wants to help people process their grief.

In the past 5 years, Francesca has cut the things that don’t work, and expanded on things that do. Two songs were cut, and four were added. 

Last summer, Francesca was introduced to Shevaun Keogh-Walker, who was starting a theater company in Western Massachusetts. After meeting and talking with her about the plays Francesca has written and their themes, Shevaun said she’d be interested in producing Blood & Water. Together, they decided to start Viewpoint Theatre as a way to produce Blood & Water, and future productions that explore similar themes. 

Blood & Water was not finished when it was produced in 2017, and now it is! Francesca is ready to share the result of five years of hard work with her community. Everyone who donated to make the 2017 workshop production possible helped us to get the play to the place it’s in now.


Blood & Water will be performed at CitySpace in Easthampton, MA in June!

We are currently working on various fundraising efforts to help us reach our estimated budget.


We are hoping to raise $21,000 to produce Blood & Water.

The funds raised will primarily go to compensating the many talented folks participating in the production. 

The remaining funds will be going towards rehearsal and production, and marketing materials.

Get Involved!

If you are interested in supporting the production of our current project, Blood & Water, please consider donating. Donations can be made to AS220 with Blood & Water or ViewPoint Theatre in the subject line.

Or join our team! Visit this page on our site to view open positions and learn how you can work with us.

Thank you so much for your support!